Nikki Haley Destroys CNN’s Jake Tapper After He Desperately Tried To Get Her To Insult Trump

The United States UN ambassador has been making headlines for her support of President Trump’s decision to attack Syria. This has angered a lot of UN elitist liberals. CNN’s Jake Tapper tried his absolute hardest to disparage President Trump and get her to say something negative about him. But he failed miserably.

“As you know, President Trump used to believe that Congressional approval was needed for any kind of military strike in Syria. I know you’re a fan of his tweets. Here’s one of his tweets from 2013,” said Tapper, while showing tweets of Trump from 2013 condemning Obama’s actions in Syria.

“If you’re confident that the Assad regime was behind this chemical weapon attack and the possibility of further military action is there, should the Trump administration lay out the evidence, come to Congress and get the specific authorization to use force?” asked Tapper.

Nikki Haley responded that the President DID consult his cabinet before making a decision. This must have been confusing for Tapper, since something like that would have taken Obama years to accomplish.

“Well, it depends on the action, but I can tell you that he worked very closely with the leaders in Congress, all of the Cabinet members,” said Haley. “I think that’s what you’re going to see this administration do. The only surprises are going to be to the international community but we’re going to focus on working with everybody.” Check out the interview below.