Joy Behar Claims President Trump Didn’t “Really Win” The Election, She Immediately Gets Crushed

It’s been over six months and View Host Joy Behar is still in denial that President Trump won the election. Liberals can’t stand that the country disagrees with them so they attempt to delegitimize his victory in any way they can. But “Conservative” co-host Jedidiah Bila shut her down quickly.

They started the conversation about global warming. “He may wind up in a position where he differs with leaders on that, but leaders of other countries weren’t elected by Americans, and he won here, let’s face it. You don’t have to agree, but he won the election,” said Bila.

However, Behar disagreed with Bila that he won the election at all! “He didn’t really win here. He just won the electoral college. Three million people did not vote for him,” said Behar. 63 million however, did. In America, we have an electoral college to allow the whole country to be represented instead of just the big cities.

Bila shut down Behar with a clever line. “He won. He won. That’s called ‘winning the election,’” responded Bila.

But despite all that Behar is still in denial. “He didn’t win!” she responded. Are you glad we have President Trump as President? His victory makes Behar miserable every day. That could be considered an accomplishment.